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TreeDBNotes is a free powerful and easy-to-use personal database program,e-Book, PIM and Word Processor
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21 December 2013

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As the kinds of work we accomplish on our computers have grown over the years so has the need to store our personal notes and critical information. Today with online banking and ecommerce becoming an inherent part of our lives we need to maintain several passwords and other information. With the help of the TreeDBNotes 4.34.1 you can keep all your passwords, personal notes and other critical information in a secure manner at one place. The application besides being a versatile personal information manager can serve as a powerful tool to create documentation tool and can be used for business purposes too.

On start the TreeDBNotes 4.34.1 application presents before us a well structured interface in classical style. To start taking notes you can click on the Notes tab and a list of existing notes is displayed. Using the new notes icon present left end corner of the notes tab, you can start creating notes. It gives you multiple options for formatting your notes and structuring them in a visually appealing manner and you can add bookmarks and the track the note history too. Further you can export the notes into the HTML format or even an eBook. So if you are looking to creating help files or official documentations, this tool will serve you well. For assuring you security it makes you assign a database password to restrict access to the application. Again you can place individual notes and other details under the Protected tree tab and thus achieve another layer of protection. The application allows you to take periodic backups automatically as per preferences you place.

Overall the TreeDBNotes 4.34.1 owing to its extensive set of well thought out features and its capacity to export notes to multiple formats including ePub, earns it a favorable score of a four rating stars on a range of five.

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TreeDBNotes is a free powerful and easy-to-use personal database program, e-Book, PIM and Word Processor with Tree Structure, advanced encryption and password protection. Features: Search, Replace, Case options, Insert file, link, image, time, date, symbols, table, html table. Import from txt, wri, rtf, Excell, Word, html and more. Export to txt, html, wri, doc and more. This program is ideal for storing notes, emails, images, URLs, document management, etc. TreeDBNotes stores and represents your information in a comfortable and clear tree-structured form. Each node in such 'tree' represents associated note, so you can store a lot of mostly independent notes in one notebook. With any note you can perform main Wordpad-like text-formatting functions (font and paragraph styles).
Version 4.34.1
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